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The five most worry free pet dogs on the planet, Teddy dog, are there any dogs in your family?

Author:Guangzhou Anobel Pet Products CO., LTD Click: Time:2019-12-02 11:29:39

1. Bixiong is a small dog with a sweet smile. The gentle and lovely character and lovely appearance are often kept as pets by writers to relieve the pressure of writing.

2. Schnauzer has a high IQ and vitality. Naturally gregarious, it is a gentle companion dog. Chenery also has very little hair removal and is very popular with the public.

3. Teddy: Teddy is cute and cute. It can be said that he has captured the hearts of most girls. I believe many girls have no resistance to him. Most pet dogs lose their hair, but Teddy is one of the few breeds that don't lose it. It's very easy to take care of its hair, and it can cut a lot of shapes, which can be called a variety of shapes.

4. Labrador: the Labrador is gentle, loyal, intelligent, simple, sunny and lively, especially friendly to children, and slightly clinging to the owner

5. Bomei is a compact, short back and active dog. It is a kind of German fox dog, native to Germany. It has a soft, thick undercoat and a thick hard coat. The root of the tail is very high, and the tail with thick fur curls on the back. It has the character of vigilance, intelligent expression, brisk behavior and curious nature. Small and cute, suitable for companion dog

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