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It's a strange pet product. The cat and dog are confused after reading it. The human brain is so big

Author:Guangzhou Anobel Pet Products CO., LTD Click: Time:2019-12-02 11:36:51

Pet products are a big market. At present, in China, the annual consumption of pet products is up to 100 billion, and the average annual consumption of each pet is up to 2000 yuan!

It's just domestic. If other countries are included, the pet products market is so hot that it's hard to imagine. Why is it so hot? That's because excrement officers need these pet supplies.

But in these pet products, there are some very strange things. These pet products, cats and dogs, are all ignorant. It has to be said that the human brain is really too big.

Silicone egg: a pet product that makes cats and dogs feel confused

Cat and dog sterilization is a very common technology. Each pet hospital can complete it independently, and even male sterilization can be completed in 3 minutes!

However, many excrement shovelling officials found that the male cat or dog, after being sterilized, always looked at the eggs they had no longer. Therefore, the pet silica gel eggs came out.

Its principle is to sterilize, remove the dog's egg, put in a silica gel egg instead, let the dog and cat feel that their egg is still there!

Silica gel egg technology is very popular in foreign countries. Its inventor sells nearly 500000 silica gel eggs a year, but is it really useful?

The answer is no use. The real function of silica gel egg is not to comfort the cat and dog, but to comfort the owner!

Cat and dog: "you hurt me, but also deceive me!"

Pet products for dogs and cats: pet perfume

Some cats and dogs smell bad. Many owners find it smells bad and they can't wash. So they can only think about it, so some businessmen have introduced pet perfume.

Pet perfume, as the name suggests, is a perfume that is used to cover pet's body on a pet. But the truth is that if the cat and dog are smelly and still can't wash, the smell is not the smell of cats and dogs. It may be halitosis, caused by gastrointestinal diseases, or caused by dental calculus.

At this time, spray on pet perfume will produce another unforgettable taste: "fragrant and smelly!"

And dogs can not spray perfume, because dogs rely on social interaction. When two dogs meet, they need to recognize each other by their body odor. Once perfume is sprayed, the following scenes may appear.

Gougoujia: "who are you? Strange taste."

Dog B: "dog egg, it's me. I'm Er Gouzi."

Dog and dog a: "how about you cheat the dog? You think I'm stupid? This is not the taste of Er Gouzi. "

Dog B:

Cat and dog shoes: pet products that make cats and dogs confused

Now many dung shoveling officials will wear shoes for their dogs and cats when they go out with them. They have no purpose but to look good. However, the shoes were not designed to look good at the beginning.

At first, there were no cat shoes, only dog shoes. The purpose of dog shoes design was to protect the search and rescue dog and special operation dog from injury.

When the special working dog wearing shoes appeared, the merchants saw the light, so the cat and dog shoes came out, but the pet wearing shoes, totally unnecessary, especially the cat, the cat wearing shoes can not even walk.

So don't wear shoes for dogs and cats without special circumstances. It's totally a blind struggle.

Pet products that make cats and dogs confused: nail sets for cats and dogs

A few years ago, there was a net red picture on the Internet. It was a cute cat's claw with a colorful nail set. It looked very cute.

So many excrement shoveling officials have followed suit and bought nail sets for their dogs and cats. But I think about it, nail sets for dogs and cats are useless except for their good looks.

And the size of the nail set of the cat and dog is fixed, but the size of the nail of the cat and dog is free to grow. If the nail set, the nail of the cat and dog will be squeezed in the nail set and grow deformed.

Moreover, the dog's nails are used to prevent slipping when running. Once the nails are put on, it will lose its grip and run and fall.

The cat's nails are more effective and are used to provide the cat with grip. Once the nail is covered, cat wrestling will become a common practice.

So the cat and dog nail set is a choice question. It's good-looking and healthy. It depends on how the officials choose it.

In fact, the pet market is increasingly prosperous, and there are more and more pet products, which is a good thing for shit shovers. But when a new pet product comes on the market, before shit shovers use it for their dogs and cats, do they have to consider the profit of the product after it is used by dogs and cats?

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