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Pet products: a rising sunrise industry, small industry and large market!

Author:Guangzhou Anobel Pet Products CO., LTD Click: Time:2019-12-02 11:43:40

They love to be coquettish and cute, and they will accompany you to cry and make you laugh. In recent years, the steady growth of China's economy and the substantial improvement of the national living standard have promoted the rapid development of the leisure economy. Keeping pets has become a way of life for more and more people. Pet food, pet shower gel, pet toys and other types of pet products have emerged in the market, and the industry has shown great development potential.

At this year's Yiwu International Trade Fair, the pet products industry was officially listed as the first-class industry for the first time. This year, the pet and aquarium products block newly settled in the Fifth District of Yiwu International Trade City joined the group exhibition, and the scale of pet products industry's exhibition nearly doubled compared with last year.

In addition, according to the needs of exhibitors, professional purchasers are invited to hold a special docking meeting for pet products industry procurement, so as to improve the accuracy of trade matching and Exhibition value-added services, and realize one-stop procurement services at the exhibition site.

Go to the market after the scene is not good

"The domestic pet industry started late, the market development is not mature, but the development potential is huge." Wang Guangde, a 50 year old exhibitor, is one of the first businessmen to go abroad from Yiwu after the founding of the people's Republic of China.

In 2003, Wang Guangde rented a stall in the international trade city to sell pet products, mainly exported to Europe. Relying on foreign technology and resources, his Zhejiang Yiwu Kela pet products factory soon broke through in the pet products industry with a single variety and became the leading enterprise in Yiwu market.

Hearing that this year's Fair has a pet (aquarium) supplies area, Wang Guangde immediately booked seven booths. I didn't expect that the demand for booths was in short supply, so I was robbed of all the booths. Several merchants in the same market expressed regret to him because they didn't book the booths in the special area. So, after keeping two booths, they transferred the rest to others.

At the site of the fair, the participation was better than expected. "There are fewer booths, and there are a lot of samples that can be put on site. Some merchants simply choose to continue to contact in the shops of the international trade city." Yesterday, Peng Jinlian, the person in charge of kola pet products at the exhibition site, introduced that during the exhibition, she had received dozens of businessmen who had come to consult. More than 90% of them chose to go to the company's booth in the international trade city for further details.

Another pet products Co., Ltd., "Fengpei pet products" in Yiwu, also has a special booth in the pet (aquarium) products area. As of yesterday, the company has hundreds of thousands of intention orders, 70-80% of which are from Spain and South America.

Pet products consumer market rising

"One stall is hard to find" in pet products area, because of the continuous expansion of market demand.

Wang Zhongren, President of Shanghai Pet Products Manufacturing Association and head of Shanghai brandy pet products manufacturing Co., Ltd., has been engaged in pet washing products in Shanghai for more than 30 years, initially only for export, "because there is no dealer in China". Eight years ago, he came to Yiwu and found a "new continent". At present, he has supplied more than 60 market merchants. 30% of the products of the factory are sold in Yiwu market, and the increase of the domestic market is significantly higher than that of the export market. After learning that Yiwu is going to open up a pet products business area in the International Trade City, and that Yiwu Fair has also set up a special area, he immediately applied for the booth. Before that, he brought more than 10 colleagues from Shanghai and organized a group to settle in Yiwu market, operating categories including pet health products, traction rope, plastic utensils, etc.

Wang Zhongren introduced that the domestic pet products consumer market is rising, and growing. "Last year, the consumption of pet products on POS machines alone in China reached 5.9 billion yuan, and the total consumption of the whole year increased by more than 270% over the previous year." He believes that in Yiwu, a big market, pets, as a new industry focused on Cultivation by the government, have a bright future. In particular, the industry can attract more target customers to come to the one-stop procurement after the cluster operation in the International Trade City, and the passenger flow and information flow will be more concentrated. In these two days of exhibition, its company has also "captured" a large number of domestic customers.

"Yiwu market radiates to the whole world, both domestic and re export are getting better and better. While the pet industry looks small, but the market cake is very big, which is a real sunrise industry. " Wang Guangde said that before, the pet products cluster areas with certain influence in China were mainly in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu, where a regional wholesale and retail market was formed, but the scale was not large.

It is understood that before Yiwu International Trade City, there were also many stalls specializing in pet products, which were scattered in the first, second and third districts of the international trade city. On July 8 this year, after the adjustment of the market industry layout, the largest professional pet (aquarium) products market in China officially opened in zone 5 of Yiwu International Trade City.

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