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How many kinds of pet products have you bought?

Author:Guangzhou Anobel Pet Products CO., LTD Click: Time:2019-12-02 11:47:47

I'm sure you've seen a lot of recommendations about pet's good things. In fact, the ones they recommend are both good and bad, but the excrement shovelers always want to give the best to their own owners, so they buy everything in one go. In the end, they're not very interested. Let's share them today. What's not practical Pets are good things. Officials should take a good look to prevent being cheated in the future.

  1. Pet foot washing cup

This pet foot washing cup has been recommended by many people before, but they are really not practical. No matter for cats or dogs, they are not suitable. First of all, cats will be very resistant and will not cooperate with you. The second is dogs. Although they can cooperate with each other, the process will be very troublesome. After two or three times of using the excrement shovels, they will be forgotten in the corner, so this is not very practical.

2. steel needle comb

Many people will choose that kind of comb when they comb their pets. That kind of comb is very uncomfortable for them, and it will bring a little pain, so it will make the owners very resistant to combing. The excrement shoveling officials may as well replace it with plastic or silica gel brush, and your owners will certainly like it very much.

3. cat climbing frame

Nine of the Ten Cat slaves have a cat climbing frame, but the owners have no interest in it at all. Although they are so luxurious and comfortable, the owners still can't raise any interest. So the cat climbing frame doesn't have to be bought. In this way, it can save a lot of money. The money saved is better than anything else.

4. cat's nest

The temperament of cats is unpredictable. Every corner of the house is their own nest. When you buy them their own nest, they don't even take a look at it. "I can sleep where I want, don't want to restrain me"! It's not surprising that they can have this idea. After all, the officials can't control their careful thinking.

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