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IKEA has developed a pet product line, which is also cost-effective

Author:Guangzhou Anobel Pet Products CO., LTD Click: Time:2019-12-02 14:03:43

IKEA has been looking for more possibilities in the past two years, making a home for pets, which is its latest discovery.

At the beginning of October this year, IKEA launched a new series of lurvig pet household products in Japan, the United States, France, Canada, Portugal and other five countries. The Swedish word means plush. In this series, 41 products are for dogs and 34 for cats.

INMA Bermudez, the designer of the lurwig collection, has found that there is a lack of good-looking and affordable pet products on the market. Therefore, he cooperated with Barbara Schafer, a veterinarian, in the design process, taking into account the different habits of cats and dogs, as well as the requirements of the furniture itself in terms of scratch resistance and bite resistance.

Unlike other brands that focus on pet products, IKEA expects to match its original interior design style and space arrangement while meeting pet needs.

For example, the cat's nest in the lurwig series can also be used as a set of lockers. However, this may require that your cat doesn't like falling things, so does the cat scratch pad that can be tied to the legs of tables and chairs. This kind of design not only saves space, but also is easy to store, which can be folded when not in use.

According to a survey by the American Association of pet product manufacturers (appma), these products account for 18.7% (cat: 143 US dollars) to 22.2% (dog: 354 US dollars) of the average annual expenditure of pets, from cat's nest, dog's nest to brush. This part of the cost is next to taking pets to see a doctor.

But these are not all ongoing costs. Take the cat for example. Many of the utensils are durable consumer goods and need not be changed all the time. For example, the cat's nest, the air box, the cat's claw board and so on. What attracts consumers is IKEA's design - a home for pets, which designs sofas and beds for cats and dogs. Netizen @ thestory estate's attitude is very representative, "IKEA just sent a set of furniture to pets. I'm going to buy a coffee table and a mini sofa for meow at home. "

IKEA, which is interested in pet business, still adheres to its own characteristics: keeping a sense of design and not selling too expensive. The price of the whole series of products should be controlled between 1 US dollar and 50 US dollars (about 6.5 yuan to 392.1 yuan). But the price of IKEA's pet products is not the lowest. It still faces the challenge of small brands. After all, the tastes of consumers are changing too fast. Even in the designer brand pet products with high prices, there will be good-looking products with good styles and reasonable prices. For example, in Etsy, a handicraft e-commerce, the wool felt cat's nest made by vaiva NAT, a Lithuanian designer, costs only $29, which is similar to the price of IKEA's new product.

Compared with these small brands selling goods online, IKEA may also consider letting pets enter the store to choose their favorite beds. For example, it is not enough to set up pet waiting spaces in Cologne store in Germany before, which means higher cost store management and redesign. A more practical solution may be to cooperate with other e-commerce platforms. CEO torbj ? RN L ? ? F, who is responsible for e-commerce business, recently revealed to the financial times that in the future, he will test e-commerce business with third-party platforms, including Amazon and Alibaba.

IKEA is still relatively cautious in exploring new markets. The five countries in which the new series of products are first tried to be sold are more mature markets of pet economy, and Chinese consumers may have to wait for a while to buy these products.

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