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Pet outdoor sports chest and back


Name: outdoor sports chest and back for pets

No.: xbd-01

Material: Nylon Oxford + air layer + reflective strip along the edge + nylon reflective rope + zinc alloy traction buckle

Color: Chinese red, lake blue, green, grass yellow, camouflage


Weight: 225g

Measurement method: use a soft ruler to circle the dog's front leg around the body, which is the widest part of the front chest. In addition, it is better to reserve 2-3cm more. We can get the dog's chest dimension.

Initial order quantity: 100 pieces of monochrome Order No. customized logo, 500 pieces of customized color

Adopt multi strand thickened sewing thread, strengthen the stressed parts and make jujube thread stronger and stronger

It is suitable for all kinds of dogs and adopts the overall I-shape design, comfortable and firm

Four point double vest, shock absorption and bone protection, (chest and back shock absorption module, evenly disperse the impact of the dog when running, reduce the dog's burst damage)

Pet outdoor sports chest and back
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