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S1807 pet gloves 333 needle silicone cloth


Product Name: 333 needle silica gel brush cloth pet gloves

Article No.: s1807

Material: 100% pure silica gel on the front, flannelette on the back, high quality Velcro on the wrist

Specification: 24 * 17 * 2cm

Weight: 90g

Box gauge: 50 * 40 * 40cm

Packing number: 160 pieces (80 pairs)

Gross weight: 16KG

Product features:

① 100% pure silica gel quality on the front

② Back with selected grey flannelette

③ High quality Velcro for wrist position

④ The opening position and then the middle opening at the back have a binding strip package, which is superior.

Strict workmanship, quality assurance, a large number of spot goods, delivery on time.

Product function: suitable for cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets. It is used to remove the hair on the pet's body. It also has the functions of bathing, massage and promoting blood circulation.

Reference: https://detail.1688.com/offer/574085799882.html? SPM = a26286.8251493.0.0.2214225b28x0azu

Price (single)

Unit price of quantity

1-160 pieces 15 yuan

160 pieces 13 yuan

1600 12 yuan

S1807 pet gloves 333 needle silicone cloth
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