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St1804 pet rolling gloves


Product Name: pet bath massage gloves rolling horse gloves

Product No.: st1804

Product size: 26 * 16cm

Product material: environmental protection rubber + Pu rubber + NBR rubber + mesh

Applicable objects: dogs, cats, horses, etc

Color: Black

Product weight: 100g [1 pair]

Pet gloves features:

After the professional design of the wool washing equipment. Beautiful shape, not easy to deform, high temperature resistant. The utility model can effectively remove dirt without damaging hair or removing hair. When washing, massage can be carried out to promote blood circulation and make pets feel relaxed and happy.

1) Glove style design, put it on to bathe the pet, just like touching them, let the pet enjoy the comfortable bath!

2) Easy to control, flexible!

3) The special soft tooth brush on the gloves can clean the fine hairs on pet's body, and at the same time, it can continuously press the acupoints on pet's whole body to promote blood circulation!

4) Clean it in time after use, wipe it with dry cloth and place it in a dry and ventilated place.

5) Avoid direct sunlight or high temperature, so as to avoid deformation of rubber material affecting the cleaning effect.

St1804 pet rolling gloves
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